Claudio Montefusco

Claudio Montefusco

Over 25 years cycling and travelling. Europe has been his main destination: Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites… Cycling and climbing: this is his passion.
Member of the Challenge BIG and main responsable for Spain.

For almost 10 years he has been writing his experiences in the most important spanish magazine dedicated to cyclotourism: Pedalier.
He is offering his knowledge and experience (in cyling and tourism) to make you enjoy your stay.

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Sergi Ros

Sergi Ros

Over 15 years of experience with publishing his incredible pictures in numerous magazines and newspapers. Especially remarkable are his pictures for Tunning and Pedalier magazines.

A specialist in sports, cycling, motorcycling, football, volleyball, basketball… no sport is a secret for him. Stunning landscapes in the mountains are his preferred work.

All pictures on this website are his, except for the one he appears in (with the Sicilian coast in the background)!

Sergi is involved in many aspects of our work – you may find him taking pictures, but he also drives the van and can assist you with your meals!

Miquel Garriga

He is our guide in Girona.
He knows every small road close to Girona. Also knows many pro cyclists living in Girona, which you will meet probably on the road or when you stop for a coffee

His encyclopedic knowledge of cycling in every discipline makes him a perfect companion for a cycling ride

Miquel Garriga

Ernesto Teniente

He is one of our guides in Barcelona.

Very strong, specially uphill, no need to say any more!
Great guy, great company for your ride around Barcelona!



Ziklo is a Basque company dedicated to communication and cycling trips. In fact Claudio has written many years for Ziklo cycling magazine, probably the best and most inspirational magazine for cyclists in Spain.

This close relationship has become a business partnership which allows Montefusco Cycling to reach Basque Country and all of Pyrenees with a local partner.

Our gastronomic Tour in Basque country has become a classic!

ZIKLO cycling tour