Best cycling coffee shops in Barcelona

Cycling coffee shops are becoming more and more popular in Barcelona and all over Catalonia. Its is not just a nice place to have a good coffe and some good food before or after your ride. It is also a meeting place for riders, whith decoration cycling related. Most of them also sell cycling stuff (Tshirts, maillots, coulottes, socks, cups…). They are becoming a kind of cyclists pilgrims destination where you can find other cycling lovers and have a chat whilst you watch some grand tour stage or a spring classic on TV…

With some customers at La Fabrica!

Possibly one of the most popular  coffe shops in Catalonia is La Fábrica (the factory)  in Girona.

Girona is one of the best cycling destinations in the world, and La Fábrica, located in old town, is a fantastic place to have a coffe and meet other cyclists. The owner is the exprofessional canadian rider Christian Meier. Recently opened another great cycling coffee shop and also restaurant, called “Hors Categorie”, whose owner is Robert Gesink. Another cool place to visit when in Girona!

In Barcelona, cycling is becoming also very popular. Great cycling in Barcelona even if it seems that traffic could ruin that! The mountains surrounding the city are really worth, with some steep sections with hardly any traffic. And then havin some cake and coffee in any of the cycling coffee shops is a very good option.

Demanding routes around Barcelona! You can discover all of them in our Barcelona hills tour, by the way!

If you are into cycling and love cyclling coffee shops, here you have my 4 recommendations:

  • Eroica Coffe shop: Recently open (mid October 2018), it is a large cycling coffe shop, meeting point for local cyclists with some big rooms for groups. The right place to watch some cycling live and meet other passionates about cycling. Located in Eixample district, easy to find.
Eroica Coffe in Barcelona
  • Bicioci Bike Cafe: Owned by the italian Fabrizio, this is not only a bike coffe shop but also a nice restaurant where you can have lunch, brunch, dinner… It is located in Gracia neighbourhood, a very popular and trendy area of the city. Highly recommended!

    That’s a nice lamp indeed at Bicioci!

  • On y Va Coffee, located  in the upper part of the city, is a nice place to meet and start a ride around Barcelona. Small but plenty of charm.
  • On y Va Cafe, nice palace to meet and start your ride from Barcelona!

  • Also worth mentioning a very special place as Moritz Barcelona. This is the oldest beer produced in Barcelona, since 1856. Very nice restaurant/tapas place, with amazing beer obviously. On top of that, there are nice cycling jerseys and caps on sale. The best place to end a cycling ride around Barcelona!

    Moritz Barcelona
    Moritz Barcelona

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