Bike tour in Montserrat (Barcelona)
Montserrat Road Cycling Barcelona

Montserrat is the magical mountain close to Barcelona, and a bike tour is the best way to discover it.
The meaning of Verge de Montserrat for Catalan people goes beyond the religious feeling. Visiting the virgin in pilgrimage is the usual thing to do to thank for anything that happened.

The Magic Mountain tour of Montserrat by Road Bike
The Magic Mountain tour of Montserrat by Road Bike

This is also the reason why visiting the Monastery and the Basilica is better on working days rather than at the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays local people are also visiting, on top of the usual foreign visitors. Then, much better avoiding the weekend.

The usual thing to do in Montserrat is touching the virgin (for that you will have to wait in the long queue at right on the Basilica) and also lighting a candle.

Sports in Montserrat are a great experience.

No need to say that rock climbing is king in these steep walls. Lots of rock climbers around! Also hiking is a great experience in Montserrat. Our recommendation is to get the highest point of the mountain (Miranda de Sant Jeroni, at 1200 mts), from the monastery (at 700 mts). You can do that in just a couple hours (way and back) and the views from the top are stunning! Click here for the detail of the route.

In our cycling tours we will lead you to the best roads around Montserrat. We will take you to tiny roads without any traffic, and will surround the whole mountain. This way you will see the massif walls from all prospectives. This is an amazing trip with great views, do not miss it!

The end of our cycling tours is, obviously, the monastery. The steep final climb is, in words of one of our customers, a mistic experience, fighting the road and the slopes! Once at the Monastery, the classical thing to do is buying some “mató” (fresh cheese) and “Mel” (honey) to the local producers. The final descent is a real pleasure after a hard job. Then, lunch after the ride in a local restaurant is the perfect ending for this trip!

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