Bikes and breweries in Barcelona
Moritz Barcelona

All of us into cycling love having a nice beer when finishing a ride, don’t you? Bikes and breweries match, and it is becoming a very popular way to know a city or a region. Also in Barcelona, of course.

Moritz Barcelona
Moritz Barcelona

Even if we are focused on serious cycling on carbon road bikes, we love sharing with our visitors this part of the Catalan culture, and at the end of a demanding ride tasting some nice beer in a local place plenty of charm. They are very few such pleasant things to do after a bike ride!

Our tours around Barcelona are demanding and plenty of climbing, that’s one of the main attractions when cycling in Barcelona, but once we finished, it is time to enjoy ourselves and find a great place, being a small brewery or one of the main Catalan beer producers. By the way, they are Damm and Moritz. Let us recommend especially Moritz, as they have an amazing tapas restaurant in which you can enjoy not only the several types of beers but also some very nice tapas.

Then we have some small breweries which are totally worth to visit and taste their beer such as La Cassette. They also love bikes, so that’s a plus! Bikes and breweries in Barcelona match, no doubt!

In case you don’t need such a demanding ride, we can also adapt the route to your needs.

We can customize the tour for you and your group, as we are focused on private tours. We also have some e-bikes to make a little easier the tour. This way, some not-so-fit friends can join the ride!

Bikes and breweries in Barcelona are one of the best ways to get to know the Catalan way of life. Join us to discover it!

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