Best road cycling in Catalonia: multiday trip
Cycling Montseny

Catalonia is an amazing destination for road cycling. Possibly one of the best destinations in the world.

In Catalonia it is possible to cycle all year long. Even in the coldest winter days we can ride safely, as the roads are in very good condition and the weather is still fine. Ours is a mild winter! No need to say that spring and autumn are perfect seasons to cycle here, but also summer is still good!

We organize road cycling trips around Catalonia, in which we include some of the best roads around! All in all with polite and helpful drivers respecting the cyclists, even if there is scarce traffic on the routes we chose. The experience is not just about cycling, as food and rest are also part of the trip, and we choose very good hotels and we made sure that food is also great.

In 6 stages we will show you the best roads and places in Catalonia: Montserrat, Montseny or Costa Brava. This not, definitely an easy tour, as there are some very demanding and steep mountains included. Of course, we also include the very popular Girona region, which is possibly the most popular cycling destination in the world!

Coll de Bracons with Montefusco Cycling
Coll de Bracons Catalonia

Sample tour

1) Barcelona -Montserrat 117 km (including Montserrat)
2) Montserrat-Montseny 120 km (with Coll d’Estenalles)
3) Montseny-Montseny 101 km (climbing to Turo de l’Home)
4) Montseny-Olot 96 km (with 2 climbs as Condreu and Bracons)
5) Olot-Figueres 107 km (getting the scenic and steep Mare de Deu del Mont)
6) Figueres-L’Escala 101 km (including Sant Pere de Rodes)

The trip includes:

  • Fully dedicated supporting van with food (light lunch including fruit, sandwiches, bars…) and drink.
  • luggage transportation from hotel to hotel
  • 7 hotel nights (at 3 and 4 stars) including breakfast and dinner,
  • Transportation L’Escala-Barcelona the day after finishing the tour.

This trip can be fully customized in terms of the number of stages, distance, and difficulty.

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