Climb to Coll Formic in Montseny mountains

We had today one of those great days to remember, including the climb to Montseny mountains.

The Amazing Cycling tour of the Montseny Mountains
The Amazing Cycling tour of the Montseny Mountains

We did an amazing ride mixing family, friends, and customers who became friends, and doing possibly the best ride you can do all over Catalonia. 90 km to enjoy cycling in the Montseny mountains!! We include the climbs to Coll Formic and Santa Fe del Montseny. But for the die-hard guys we also include Turó de l’Home, the highest peak in Montseny reaching about 1700 mts height. One of the hardest climbs in all of Catalonia. Tremendous. Pity that the last 6 km to Turó de l’Home are in terrible shape. Climbing is not an issue, but descending from Turó del Home, with those very steep parts and the bad surface is a big danger. Not only some parts with very poor asphalt but also big potholes which could make you crash if you get one.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to get to the top to climb in the Montseny mountains and have an incredible day on the saddle. There is a very nice road from Sant Celoni reaching La Costa del Montseny with no traffic at all, then you go on towards Fontmartina, where the road gets even more narrow and scenic (see picture). From that point, you get the deviation of Turo de l’Home, but if you go on a little more you get Coll de Santa Helena and then descend towards Santa Fe del Montseny.

The highlight is always the 25 kilometers long descent from Santa Fe to Sant Celoni in an amazing well surfaced road. Great day!


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