Climbing to Rocacorba
Cycling Girona Rocacorba

Great group ride today climbing to Rocacorba, close to Girona! Rocacorba is one of the most popular climbs for cyclists close to Girona.

The fact that it is a cul-de-sac (no exit), makes Rocacorba a road totally free of any traffic. At the top there is just a big antenna, and not much more, but the road sign indicating you arrived at the top. There is a deviation to the Sanctuary of Rocacorba about 200 mts before you get the end of the road, but you don’t see the building from the road. Obviously you have to descend the same way you climbed.


Climbing Rocacorba

During the whole climb you have the information km per km about the gradient of the climb (this is usual in the French Pyrenees but not much here in Catalonia and Spain).

Views at the top are spectacular, especially overlooking the Banyoles lake (the climb begins at Porqueres, very close to the lake). We did this steep climb full gas and then we had time for a coke by the lake. Banyoles is a fantastic triathlon destination, as the swimming in the lake is huge, and there is a nice bike trail around the lake, and also lots of running trails.

This road climbing to Rocacorba is a pretty modern road as it was just asphalted in 2006 (!), no wonder it has become a very popular climb just in recent years.

Climbing to Rocacorba is a must if you are around Girona. This will be a great day on the saddle, that’s for sure!!

Here you can see the Strava segment so you can check your best time up there!!


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