Coll Formic, road closed in Montseny
The Amazing Cycling tour of the Montseny Mountains

The recent heavy rain in Catalonia left some damages in the catalan roads, specially around Barcelona and Girona.

One of our favourite climbs all over Catalonia is Coll Formic, an amazing solitaire road leading to 1145 meters. But this road had several landslides and the tarmac itself was broken at several spots. Nowadays, after a couple weeks of the heavy rain episode, the road is still closed and it seems it will take some time to get it opened.

Coll Formic is the road number BV5301, from C35 (south side) to Seva (north side), and nowadays the road is closed from Montseny village (km 13) to El Brull (km 30).

There is no deadline for the road to be fixed. Bad news at the moment!

At the top of Coll Formic (Montseny)

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