Collada de Toses, cycling in Catalonia
Collada de Toses

Collada de Toses is one of the most classical cycling passes in the Pyrenees in Catalonia.

It is the most important pass between the Ripolles region and La Cerdanya, the trendy region close to France. La Cerdanya is a very popular holiday destination for many people in Barcelona and all of Catalonia. Especially it is a ski destination, as close to the top of Collada de Toses there is La Molina ski station.

Several times, La Molina has been stage ending in Volta a  Catalunya professional cycling tour.

Collada de Toses is the road N260, and goes from Ribes de Freser to Puigcerdà (direction north) or opposite direction.

Collada de Toses
Collada de Toses

The pass is named after a little village close to the top called Toses. It is a nice, wide road, 2 big lanes, no narrow pass even if a couple of cars cross at any point. Scenic road, the views are amazing.

At the top of Collada de Toses (1790 mts height), there is a large hotel (now called La Collada, belonging to Guitart hotel chain).

Collada de Toses is one of the most dangerous roads in Spain (according to some reports), but that refers to the ski season when many cars take this road to get La Molina ski resort. My advice is then avoiding this road during the ski season (and yes, this road could be ridden during winter with the right gear on a bright sunny day, even if a little cold).

A couple suggested cycling routes

Last, let me recommend a couple of loop routes for cycling Collada de Toses (one on the north side, and the second on the south side) that will offer you a fantastic way to get to know this beautiful road:

  1. Southside from Ribes de Freser. Start climbing Collada de Toses direction north, then in Planoles take a deviation to the left to Toses. This is a tiny road that shortens the route to Collada de Toses. Obviously the route is shorter but steeper. You get to the top of the climb and then turn right. In a few kilometers you will be at the top of Collada de Toses, and from that point descend again to Ribes de Freser.
  2. Northside. From the village, Alp take the climb to La Molina road GI-400. You get the ski resort and go on to the top of Collada de Toses. Then you can descend to Puigcerda following the main road N260. Great loop-

On both rides you get the main N260 road in the descent, so you can enjoy the wide, not-very-steep, panoramic road which is Collada de Toses.

Not to be missed!

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