Cycling col de la Madone
Col de la Madone

Cycling Col de la Madone is a must for a keen cyclist.

But wait a minute, which Col de La Madone?

Madone d'Utelle
Madone d’Utelle

Madone comes from the Italian Madonna (Virgin), then you can imagine that there are quite a few of them, and not far from each other, in the Alps Maritimes, french/Italian border, Southern alps.

  1. Col de la Madone de Gorbio from Menton. The classic climb from Menton or Nice was very popular for the Armstrong tests and it is the climb that gives name to the most popular Trek bike. Not a very steep nor long climb, but a classic climb in Cote d’Azur, reaching 975 mts height. For most people, this one is Col de la Madone.
  2. Madone de Fenestre (from Sant Martin du Vesubio). Fantastic climb to 1900 mts height. Cul-de-sac (no exit). Amazing scenic climb, much longer and steeper than the “famous” one.
  3. Madone d’Utelle. 1165 mts, height, this climb starting at Saint-Jean la Riviere is 15,3 km long at 5,7% gradient. It was included in the Paris Nice route in the year 2016, with the victory of Zakarin ahead of Geraint Thomas and Contador.
  4. Col de la Madone. It might seem weird, but the first position for Col de la Madone in Google is for this climb, not far from Madone d’Utelle, heading to the small village called Thiery.

Then, it seems that cycling Col de la Madone is really worth, but not just the famous Col de la Madone, but maybe all the other Madones…


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