Cycling in Regencós (Girona)
Cycling Regencos

One of the nicest tours you can do around Girona is cycling through medieval villages such as Regencós, Pals, Peratallada, or Monells.

Medieval villages cycling

All the locals know about the beautiful villages we have in Girona province. But the recent news surprised even most of us. The CNN considered Regencós as one of the nicest 15 villages in Europe. It is really so nice, and on top of that, it keeps being just for locals, as the tourism (so far) did not arrive at Regencós. Just mentioning, that the village has not a grocery store or a pharmacy. So tiny it is!

The roads around these villages are so quiet and solitaire that the cycling experience itself is just amazing. Cycling in Regencós, Pals, Peratallada means linking those small villages and small churches in tiny roads with no traffic at all. It is a must to take a picture in front of these beautiful churches, great memory of a cycling trip.

So, if you are wishing to get to know those super nice and quiet medieval villages, do not hesitate and take one of our private tours visiting the Medieval villages in Girona province. We have also electric bikes to make this tour a little easier. Just ask us when booking!


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