Route des Cols des Pyrenees
Route des Cols Pyrenees

There are plenty of different choices to enjoy the Pyrenees with a road bike or even a hybrid bike. Cycling the Pyrenees coast to coast is a dream for every cyclist. It is a challenging trip with plenty of climbing and beauty. But also filled with cycling history.

From the classic Hendaye-Cerbere, to the Route des Cols des Pyrenees. It is always about getting the most of the famous climbs in this range of mountains. Let’s have an overview of some options:

  • The Hendaye Cerbere is possibly the most classic cycling route. It is about 720 km long including the most famous passes that we all know from the Tour de France: Tourmalet, Aubisque, Aspin, Peyresourde…
  • Then, we also have the popular Route des Cols, which is not exactly a fast Transpyrenees trip but a way to collect most of the passes. Along the Pyrenees and the main mountains you may see road signs indicating “Route des Cols”. In the following link, you will have all the climbs included in this route:
  • A third nice way to complete the Transpyrenees cycling trip is just designing your own trip with the number of climbs and distances you would like. What about this suggested route we are offering? Our suggested route includes 8 stages, starting at the beautiful basque village Hondarribia and finishing in the stunning Tossa de Mar on the Mediterranean Coast: 
Col d'Aubisque Pyrenees
Col d’Aubisque Pyrenees

The french route or the spanish route

The former suggested Transpyrenees trips include a route mostly in France, but there is also a choice which is doing the trip on the south side, on Spanish roads. No need to say that weather is warmer and dryer than in the north face of the Pyrenees. Also, it is interesting to notice that the Spanish sides of border passes are less steep than the french sides.

Any of the routes described, being guided, selfguided, supported or unsupported, will be the adventure of your life. Cycling the Pyrenees coast to coast is the highlight of your cycling season, that’s for sure!

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