Cycling to Tibidabo church in Barcelona
The Hills Around The City tour of Barcelona By Road Bike

When you visit Barcelona and you are into cycling, there is one place you want to get with your bike. This is Basilica del Sagrat Cor del Tibidabo church, at the top of the highest mountain surrounding Barcelona. You can see it from every point of the city, and specially at night, as it is illuminated.
Iconic destination for all Barcelona inhabitants, very well known for every local, and specially for children, as at the top of the mountain, just beside the church there is an amusement park. Surprising to learn that amusement park is much older than the very church! The amusement park was open early XX century, but the church was just finished in 1961.

Cycling TibidaboSome different approaches to the summit.

We consider 4 different sides cycling to Tibidabo church in Barcelona:

– La Rabassada. One of the most popular climbs from Barcelona. Starting at Ronda de Dalt, road leading to Sant Cugat. Great views over the city.
– Climb from Via Augusta (Barcelona). This side goes through Vallvidrera (steep part when crossing the village), and can be finished with a very steep part just getting to the parking area. Volta a Catalunya professional race had a stage finish right there.
– Climb from Sant Cugat. About 7 km long, it is not a very steep climb. Really worth. This side connects with La Rabasada side about 1 km to the summit.
– Molins de Rei side. Santa Creu d’Olorda. Fantastic solitaire road in the middle of the forest. This road gets to Vallvidrera, and then shares the road with Via Augusta side.

Once at the top you have to enjoy the views over the city. Magnificient viewpoint at 500 mts above sea level, which you reallly deserved if you cycled up there. If you climb some stairs towards the church you get even a higher viewpoint, but if you get the elevator (3 euros cost) you can get the foot of summital Jesus statue, amazing, impressive. No words.

If you visit Barcelona and you are into Cycling, you have to climb to Tibidabo church in our Barcelona hills tour. No doubt!

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