El Farell, solitaire climb around Barcelona
El Farell Barcelona

El Farell is one of those climbs around Barcelona that everyone would like to discover upon a bike.

Good climb, not too steep, nice surface, no traffic at all, and close enough to Barcelona. The road is a dead-end road from Caldes de Montbui leading to Sant Sebastià de Montmajor. Beside the main road, there is an alternative road that is a little steeper that joins the main road in a shorter way and gets together close to the top. If you want to get to the highest point of El Farell, then at the top of the main road you should take the road to the left (in less good shape than the very main road) and follow to the restaurant on top, which is just open on the weekend.

This is a classical ride for Barcelona city cyclists, as the complete tour (way and back) is less than 100 km long.

The numbers are not too impressive, as it is a mild climb. It is about 8 km at a 6% average gradient (about 500 meters elevation). You can see the details of the Strava segment here:


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