Gravel cycling Barcelona to Girona
Girona cycling

Gravel cycling from Barcelona to Girona is a great experience. Gravel cycling is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

We all love the feeling of speed that we get on the road bike. But at the same time we love the safety that gravel paths offer.

Barcelona Girona gravel ride
Barcelona Girona gravel ride

Gravel bike is the answer to this feeling.

Also in Catalonia, gravel cycling is becoming big. Barcelona, in spite of being a big city has a lot of gravel paths (especially in the Collserola range of mountains surrounding the city). No need to say much about Girona, which has become a great cycling destination (the best in the world?) also for gravel cycling.

Then putting together both cities (Barcelona and Girona) is a doable challenge that can be done on a gravel bike, in a very nice and safe way.

No climbing included, then it can be a very doable ride for any cyclist. The estimated time for this trip is 4,5-5,00 hours.

Once arrived at Girona, it is worth to take a picture at the Cathedral, then having lunch at some of the cycling coffee shops/restaurants (La Fabrica and the recently opened Hors Categorie are our favorites!).

Then, head to the train station in Girona and we are back in Barcelona in about 1 hour 20 minutes. This is a full day cycling experience!

Our Barcelona-Girona gravel cycling tour is an amazing tour linking those 2 amazing cities in just 113 km. Join us!

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