Updates on road cycling in Barcelona!

If you did not notice, Barcelona is a great destination for road cycling.

Agree, it will never be a training camp destination, as it is a big city. And it can also be tricky to get to know the best ways to get out. But once you are here for any other reason (conference, congress, weekend break…), you have an excellent opportunity to taste all the roads that Barcelona has to offer.

Road cycling Barcelona

It is not only the hills around the city in Collserola range of mountains, of course. The climb to Tibidabo is absolutely a must, with the best views of Barcelona from 500 mts height, no doubt. But it is also about other very popular climbs such as Forat del Vent, Creu d’Olorda or Cementiri de Collserola.

It is also about the Prelitoral range of mountains, heading north (direction to Girona, another great cycling destination!) in which you can get Coll de Parpers, Coll de la Conreria, La Vallensana… It is plenty of nice roads to enjoy road cycling in Barcelona.

Getting out of Barcelona on a roadbike

Probably the best way to get out of Barcelona on a road bike is the bike path by the River Besos, in the northern part of the city. This path leaves you in Montcada i Reixach, where you can take the so-called Carretera de la Roca (heading to La Roca del Valles). It is also very popular the coastal NII road, a big road with 2 car lanes. This flat road is filled with groups of cyclists on the weekends in wintertime, as it is the ideal road for training.

Furthermore, the NII road is lately even better for cycling. In 2021 the parallel C-32 highway (which used to be a toll road), became a free way. Then most of the cars take this free road.

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