Roadcycling trip Barcelona-Girona
Barcelona Girona Cycling Tour

Cycling in Catalonia has it all to get the best cycling experience: good weather all year long, very good road surface, helpful and friendly drivers, great food and very good hotels. There is no way you don’t get a fantastic cycling experience here in Catalonia. No wonder many professional cyclists and triathletes chose Girona as a living town in the last few years. In our selfguided cycling trip from Barcelona to Girona you will understand why.

Roadcycling Barcelona
Roadcycling in Barcelona

Putting together the big metropolis of Barcelona with the beautiful Girona through the best roads is a nice challenge that will take you through the catalan lanscapes and culture.

You will be able to get to know the catalan culture and our amazing mediterranean diet, always tasty and healthy. This is not just about cycling (even if the average distance is 80 km per day), but also about knowing some details of Catalonia and Spain.

Barcelona Girona Cycling Tour
Barcelona Girona Cycling Tour, at the top of Santa Pellaia

Amazing spots

On the way from Barcelona to Girona you will find amazing spots to ride through:

Not to mention one of our favourite destinations: Figueres, where the genious Salvador Dali was born and you can visit his Museum, just a few meters from the hotel you will be staying.

Selfguided trip

A selfguided trip is the best way to discover a region at your own pace. You can stop for lunch wherever you want and your luggage will be at your destination when you arrive.

The hotel selection is very accurated, all of them are bikefriendly. Food is also very good in all of them (one of our requirements).

Good amount of climbing as well!

This trip won’t take you straight from Barcelona to Girona, but will send you to some beautiful climbs in the Pyrenees.

Let us mention just 3 stunning climbs that you will suffer but also enjoy, specially when you get to the top: Sant Pere de Rodes Monastry, Mare de Deu del Mont, and Santuari del Far. All 3 with some religious building at the top. The views from the top of all 3 climbs is simply captivating.


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