Road cycling tours in Girona!

Today we had Lisa and Gary enjoying one of our road cycling tours in Girona, which is one of the coolest cycling destinations all over the world! Great ride, good weather, perfect roads, and nice company!

Girona cycling
Girona cycling: at the Cathedral!

There is no doubt that Girona has it all to offer to road cycling lovers. Mild weather all year long, perfect surface in most of the roads, light traffic, and especially, it is a beautiful town with character, with an amazing cathedral and old town, the Jewish quarter… A city with plenty of nice hotels and restaurants. Compared with most of the coastal destinations that we cyclists are used to, Girona has the charm of an old European town.

On top of that, the range of different road cycling tours around Girona is just amazing. The Pyrenees and the border with France is so close that it is possible to get very steep and demanding climbs (such as the famous Rocacorba) and we can also get to the coast in a ride with amazing views, or maybe climbing to Els Angels, one of the most popular climbs just beside Girona, where Lance Armstrong used to train when living here in Girona.

In our road bike tours from Girona, we offer private tours, and we adapt the route to everyone needs. We can make the distance shorter or longer, include more or less climbs, and even suggest the best coffee shops or restaurants to stop for lunch.

We also offer pick up/drop off from Barcelona if needed. Then, if you are staying in Barcelona and would like to have a taste of the famous Girona cycling, we can help to make that true!

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