Roadycling in Barcelona at Christmas
Barcelona from Tibidabo mountain

Cycling in Europe during Christmas time doesn’t have to be a cold and wet experience. Roadcycling in Barcelona at Christmas is a good excuse to visit the capital of Catalonia in winter.

Barcelona is a great destination to have a breakaway during Christmas enjoying the mild weather and the winter sun. On top of that, the roads are always in good condition. No worries about the icy, snowy, and salty roads that you find in northern Europe during winter. For the good and the bad, there is hardly any rain in Barcelona for a long time…

From the top of Tibidabo

In Barcelona it can be cold early in the morning during winter, but then when the sun comes out, the weather gets nice and warmer. Very easy to be cycling in the sun at 12-15 degrees Celsius. Often we are asked by our customers if we have any snow in Barcelona. Well, the answer is that maybe one a year we will have a snowfall, reaching the top of Tibidabo and maybe also the city center. In hardly a couple hours the snow melts and everything comes back to normality.

During winter we locals avoid the big mountains, but we keep close to the sea. The flat coastal road north Barcelona or the winding Costa Brava road (more north) are our favorites. Many hills close to the sea are perfect for doing some nice workout: Forat del Vent, Vallensana, Conreria, Orrius… We have so many hills around the city that we can do several different ones every day!

A Christmas break in Barcelona will also let you time in the evening to see the Christmas atmosphere in the city center, visit the lights at Passeig de Gracia, or the crowded Ramblas and Mercat de la Boqueria. Also, as usual, watching Barcelona from Tibidabo is the perfect goal for a bikeride in Barcelona.

If cycling in Barcelona is a great choice all year long, during winter and Christmas time becomes an opportunity to keep cycling outdoors at this time of the year.

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