Tibidabo in professional cycling races
The Hills Around The City tour of Barcelona By Road Bike

Tibidabo is the highest mountain surrounding Barcelona, at 500 meters height. It has been included in several professional cycling races.

You can see the church on top from all over the city. It is impressive, iluminated at night. Tibidabo is the goal of every cyclist in Barcelona.

But Barcelona is a big and busy city, and it is not very usual that a professional cycling race had a finish at the top of this iconic mountain. It is much more popular Montjuic mountain, which had many stage endings in Volta a Catalunya and also in Vuelta a España. Even in the Tour de France 2009 finished in Montjuic! Not to mention that Montjuic hosted a couple of Cycling World Championships years 1973 and 1984. But Tibidabo has had several stages ending in cycling races.

In this article you can read some details of the climb and several sides that Tibidabo has.

So far, just in 3 times Volta a Catalunya finished at the top of Tibidabo, they were the years 1955 (vistory for Alfredo Esmatges), 1986 (victory for Johan Van de Velde), and 2007 with an espectacular ending in the steepest part (the so-called parking road) with Samuel Sánchez ahead of Dimitri Vinokourov.

We wish we had stage endings at Tibidabo much more often! In Barcelona and Catalonia in general we love cycling and we love watching live professional races!

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