Turó de l’Home, big climb in Catalonia
Cycling Montseny

Turó de l’Home is one of the big cycling climbs in Catalonia. It is the highest point of the Montseny mountains, and it is a goal for every cyclist in Barcelona and its surroundings. It has been included in very few professional races, just mentioning the Volta a Catalunya in 1976. Already 50 years ago!

Climbing Turó de l’Home is possible from 2 sides, we will call them Santa Fe side (with a very long climb from Sant Celoni to Santa Fe del Montseny and then a precious little road called Coll de Santa Helena) and the Fontmartina side, in a narrow road, sometimes pretty steep.

Both sides come together at a crossroads where to take the last 6 km. Possibly the toughest part of the ascent (according to Strava 5,90 km at 8,1% gradient).

The asphalt in that last part has been in very poor shape, especially in the last few years. Climbing this big climb in the Montseny was still possible, but descending those steep slopes with plenty of potholes and a very rough road was a painful experience.

And now, November 2022, everything has changed and the good surface came back with the new asphalt. Time to come back to Turó de l’Home to climb one of the kings climbs in Catalonia!



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